While we can’t bring you to the time of the dinosaurs, we have the next best thing: a peek into the past websites of the club. Beware of extinct links!

Up to 2015, a redirect to our Wordpress portal
Up to 2010, in winter 2010
Up to 2009, also at http://math.yorku.ca/infinity_old/index.html , in 2008, in 2007, in 2006
Up to 2005, also at http://math.yorku.ca/infinity_old/OldWeb/index.html , in 2004, in 2003, in 2002, in 2001, in fall 2000, The Radical Newsletter (http://x290021.tripod.com/radical/radical.htm)
Up to 2000
Up to 1997, also at http://math.yorku.ca/infinity_old/OldWeb/veryold/index.html
Up to 1996

Don’t forget to check out the photos of our past events, when everything seems old-school!

These files were recovered in 2015 and may not be linked within the archived webpages. These pages are sorted by the year as the folder structures were rebuilt.

http://math.yorku.ca/infinity/ moved to http://math.yorku.ca/infinity/2010/
http://math.yorku.ca/infinity_old/ moved to http://math.yorku.ca/infinity/2009/
http://math.yorku.ca/infinity_old/OldWeb/ to http://math.yorku.ca/infinity/2005/
http://www.yucc.yorku.ca/~infinity/ to http://math.yorku.ca/infinity/2000/
http://math.yorku.ca/infinity_old/OldWeb/veryold/ to http://math.yorku.ca/infinity/1997/
http://pascal.math.yorku.ca/infinity/ and http://mathstat.yorku.ca/infinity/index.html to http://math.yorku.ca/infinity/1996/

Alternatively, try out the Wayback Machine at the Internet Archive.

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