Past Exams

Club Infinity sells past final exams and midterms for most mathematics and statistics courses offered by the Department of Mathematics and Statistics. We are your only source for up-to-date past exams and midterms!

Exams are $3 each, or two for $5.

Prices subject to change.

Please bring exact change with you, as we cannot guarantee that we will always have change available! (Scott Library downstairs has change. We’d also love to accept Presto Cards, but that won’t happen in the near future!)

Exams and midterms will be sold throughout the year — even at the start of the semester! You may drop by our club lounge (N537 Ross) anytime when the room is open, however, we cannot guarantee these will be in stock at anytime.

Please note we do not necessarily have exams and midterms for every course! These past goodies are given to us on a voluntary basis by kind and generous faculty members, as well as students like you!

Have questions? Keep reading on!

I am taking a math or stats course where the course code is not MATH 8888 (where 8888 is the four-digit number), but something listed under NATS, ECON, BIOL, PYSC, SOCI, ADMS, ITEC (natural sciences, economics, biology, psychology, sociology, administrative studies, and information technology courses) such as ECON 2500, BIOL 2060, ADMS 3330. Do you have past exams for my course?

We only carry past exams which are listed under a MATH 8888 course code. However, it is often the case that your course may be cross-listed with a math course. To see if your course is cross-listed as a math course, check out the York University Courses website and make note the course credit exclusions that includes MATH course codes. Conversely, the course-of-interest can be browsed from the mathematics undergraduate course calendar, and look for the course code under exclusions there. Un mini-annuaire est aussi disponible pour cours sur Glendon. (A mini-calendar for Glendon courses is also available.)

Why do you charge for exams?

Proceeds go to running Club Infinity events, which are open to any York student, in particular, students studying in mathematics!. In addition, we have to pay for photocopying costs too, and our members literally put hundreds of hours into maintaining our exam library and running the exam sales!

Do you sell solutions for exams?

Generally, no. There are courses here and there in which we have been given solutions by the professor. Otherwise, we are not permitted to sell solutions. Check out our tips for using the old exams for some suggestions about how to use the exams without solutions. The tutors at the Math Stat Lab, and other resources on campus are also available to work with you to explain the strategy to any questions you may have.

Who gave the exam (dated a zillion years ago) that you’re selling for my course?

Please check our exam database. If we know who gave a certain exam, their names are listed on the master list of past exams. Also, there are many exams of unknown origin. For these, we don’t know which professor wrote it.

Do you sell class tests or midterms for my course? Do you sell in packages?

We generally only sell final exams, although we have a handful of midterm tests for one or two first- and second-year courses. We are planning on packages for the courses of high enrollment. In the meantime, you are welcome to mix and choose a wide range of years.

Does Club Infinity have past exams for every math course?

While we do have many past exams from many courses, and from many years ago, we do not have a past final for every math course offered by the Department. Please check our exam database.

Why are there so few past exams from third and fourth year courses?

Generally we find that, at the third and fourth year level, there is usually only one section. There is usually only one professor who teaches the course for that year, and may not teach it the next year. Indeed, quite frequently, it is a different professor who teaches the same course each year. Different professors will often emphasize slightly different topics from year to year. Therefore past exams from previous years often are not very representative of the topics covered in the current session of the course. If you are interested in past exams for third and fourth year courses, it is highly recommended that you come in and have a look at the past exam to see if it would be helpful in preparing for your exam.

Do you sell exams for Administrative Studies (ADMS), Economics (ECON), Information Technology (ITEC) courses?

No. These were departments in the Faculty of Arts and Atkinson Faculty of Liberal & Professional Studies up to July 1, 2009, and transitioned into Liberal Arts and Professional Studies (LA&PS). In fact, ITEC has moved out of the Math Department altogether, and is now based at New College, in Atkinson with Peer-Assisted Study Sessions (PASS) available. We do, however, sell exams for math courses that ITEC students take, like MATH 1190, to fulfil your “core courses.” We may have several courses from the pre-transition.

How should I use a past exam to best prepare for my exam?

Here is a link to tips for using a past exam to study for your courses. Student Ombuds Service at Bethune College has a detailed list of study tips. Check out the Learning Skills Service’s list. Oswego City School District Regents Exam Prep Center also lists out advice that rings true for math and other science courses.

Will you continue to sell exams after the end of the term, that is, when formal exams begin?

Yes, we will continue to sell them. However, during the exam period, the Club Lounge will not be open every day. You will have to email us at club_infinity (at) to set up an appointment to purchase your exam. This may take several days. After all, we have exams to study for too! It’s best to try to purchase your past exams before the end of classes of each term.

May I buy past exams at other times throughout the year?

Yes. Past exams may be purchased at any time of the year, through special request. Email us at (club_infinity (at), to set up a meeting time. Note that, during the summer months, we are not in the Club Lounge everyday, so it may take several days to get a past exam for you. Please bring exact change!