Pedestrian Tunnels, and other building links

By Patrick Sin
February 2015

Ever wanted a warm, dry walk between classes? You can, after finding the indoor hallways at York! These are all open to the public, with directional signs along the way. They are all accessible, except for Health, Nursing, Environmental Sciences (HNES) to Osgoode; and Bethune College to Stong College, where stairs need to be taken.

Map of hallways and tunnels at York
© 2015 Patrick, under ODC Open Database License; Basemap by OpenStreetMap Contributors
The routes overlayed on the Campus Map. © 2015 Patrick; Basemap Copyright 2012 York University from Keele Interactive Map

List of connections

  • Curtis Lecture Halls to south-side Central Square
  • Curtis Lecture Halls to Lassonde Building (formerly Computer Science and Engineering Building, CSB)
  • Lassonde Building to Steacie Science and Engineering Library
  • Steacie Science and Engineering Library to Petrie Science and Engineering, along north side
  • Petrie Science and Engineering to Chemistry Building, along south side
  • Bethune College to Stong College along west side
  • South-side Bethune College to north-side Calumet College
  • Health, Nursing, Environmental Studies (HNES) to Osgoode Hall along east side
There are also others, which may be closed:

Farquarson Life Sciences and Behavioural Sciences, to Stedman Lecture Halls to Vanier College: Off-limits

York is not the only one with subterranean hallways. University of Toronto at Scarborough (UTSC) also has ones which connects the Science Wing and Humanities Wing, to Bladen Wing, to the Athletics Centre.


YorkU Underground Tunnels. By Angela Iarocci, Leanne Macaspac. February 4, 2014; Includes a map and photographs along the routes
View of the hallway in Curtis Lecture Halls before the tunnel to Lassonde Building. "April28_2008 008". By Ricardo Ko. April 27, 2008.
View of the tunnel between Curtis Lecture Halls and Lassonde Building, facing the north end. "April28_2008 010". By Ricardo Ko. April 27, 2008.
Curtis Lecture Halls to Chemistry Building. By Yusuf Koehn. "York University "The Tunnel". Nov 3, 2011. YouTube.
Curtis Lecture Halls to south side of Central Square. By Yusuf Koehn "York University "The Tunnel 2". Nov 3, 2011. YouTube.